Custom Options

Custom Options

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Smart Floors

Smart floors are a great choice for upgrading the storage and functionality of your camper van, especially if you’re someone who likes to travel with a lot of gear. With a smart floor, you can adjust seat placement or remove seats altogether, and secure your equipment using d-rings and straps. The MetriVan Adapta XL comes with these installed standard.


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Van Curtains

Upgrade with easy to use, full coverage van curtains. These jersey knit curtains attach to upper and lower wall mounts so they lie flush with the walls of the van to save interior space. They have snap-in anchors that contour the curtains to the curves of the windows, acheiving full coverage for when you want your privacy.


Heating Upgrades Icon

Heating Upgrades

Stay comfortable wherever you travel with an upgraded ESPAR heating system or gas-fired burner.


HydroGraphics Icon


Customize your vehicle with HydroGraphix! We can print on three-dimensional surfaces using this immersion printing method, also known as water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, or hydro dipping. Add your logo or a custom flair to the van’s exterior.


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And More!

Upgrade your MetriVan with the VB Air Suspension Kit. It improves the camper van ride and stability by nearly eliminating sway, reducing shock from road bumps, reducing the effects of crosswinds, and always maintaining the proper chassis elevation from the road.

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